Render Cleaning Services – London

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Herts Pressure Washing provide an exceptional ‘low pressure’ service for all types of London ‘K rend’ cleaning, London monocouche render cleaning, silicone render cleaning, exterior wall insulating render, sand and cement render cleaning, pebbledash cleaning and ‘Sto render’ cleaning around the London area.

Painted walls which have gone green with algae can also be cleaned and removed in one easy treatment with no need for aggressive pressure washing.

Here at HPW, we use a low pressure cleaning process (which is known as softwashing) with a specialised biocide which will remove and treat red algae, black algae and green algae from any exterior residential or commercial property walls. The results are instant and will last for many years normally.

In addition to the render cleaning, Herts Pressure Washing offer an algae removal and cleaning service from most other surfaces including roofs. This has the benefit of saving you £100’s if not £1000’s of pounds on redecorating costs.

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