Around this time of year, around 1,200 people search online every month for things like ‘driveway cleaning herts‘ and ‘herts patio cleaning ‘.

Herts Pressure Washing are the original and best pressure washing company in Hertfordshire, and we have been cleaning driveways in Herts and cleaning patios in Hertfordshire since 2008.

All of our customers driveways are cleaned using a chemical treatment alongside the pressure washing, which ensures your paving stays cleaner for longer, as opposed to using water alone.

Many other companies will claim that using water alone is ‘eco friendly’, but in our experience, this ‘line’ is used by companies that don’t have much experience or just dont want to invest in the proper gear.. Lichen will not be removed 100% with water. You need to use a biocide if you want it to stay clean for more than a few months!

To date, Herts Pressure Washing have completed over 3,000 driveway cleaning services in Herts. – We have the knowledge and equipment to do the job properly, bringing out the best in your property.

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